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Bonus #3 learn how to guide  customers to  your painting website for more information during the bidding process. How to laser in on your painting references and painting benefits, providing a strong call to action. 
Bonus #5 Start a door hanger campaign around the homes you are already painting,  offering what is called the front door special which gets all the other paint jobs around the home, 
at absolutly  no cost to you. 
Painting Guarantee
 Now our  Guarantee to You
 We  offer a no risk, 30 day money-back guarantee.
Just try our main marketing strategy for 30 days. If it does not work we will refund your investment at anytime thereafter.  
Once you order and gain full access to our marketing strategies that will show you how to generate the best residential painting jobs, you’re going to know how to generate a consistent flow of residential painting jobs.  Remember, Controlling your job flow is the secret to controlling your business life.

Bonus #1 Access to our painting marketing materials. See our custom post cards and door hangers that work to get you painting jobs. You will have them personalized for your own painting business at no cost to you.  You can have them mailed at no cost to you. 
Bonus #4  Learn how to make money off your own painting advertising for the better residential and paint maintenance painting jobs. You will meet the creator of this advertising concept you will discover. This is a game changer for your painting business. 

Overview of this site 
Control the type of painting jobs you do,  never let the painting jobs control you! 98% of all self employed painters do not understand this.  The 2% that do are the most successful, you know who, you see them almost everyday in the paint stores across this country. 

This site will show you how to generate a continuous flow of painting jobs including the winter months using our easy advertising, marketing and bidding paint jobs strategies..

Service Associates offers you a home-improvement house painting opportunity by providing you with marketing strategies that get the best residential  and paint maintenance painting jobs during the spring, summer, winter and fall. You control the type of painting jobs you bid on and the number of painting jobs you do! 

If you’re already in the painting business and want to learn our unique advertising strategies for getting painting jobs, then you’ve found the right place. You will learn all of our tried and true, tested strategies to bidding and getting the right painting jobs. These are things your competitors only dreamed they knew. Our technique is called targeted measured marketing.

Here's who we can help in the painting business:

1. Those who have no painting experience but have always dreamed of owning and managing a painting business 

2. Those who have some painting experience and have thought about starting their own painting business, but have some fears

3. Those who have some painting experience and just need advertising and bidding help in order to gain more painting jobs.
If you have a painting job to bid today and need help, call us at 435-881-5722 for a free painting consultation.  


You will be consulting with professional painters, possibly while we are out doing what we love to do...paint homes! I'm not going to tell you that you can make millions painting homes, but if you would like to make $50,000, $100,000, $200,000 or more each year, I will tell you this:  

You absolutely can do it! And you really can start right now!

Learn everything you need to know about bidding and getting the best residential  and  paint maintenance painting jobs, starting today.

Our Guarantee to You:

Once you order  you’re going to know how to get residential paint jobs, without waiting for the telephone to ring. Controlling your job flow is the secret to controlling your business life. We are  so confident that once you enter the back pages of this  site you will be absolutely surprised at what we know about getting residential painting jobs that we are willing to offer you a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee! All you have to do is what we do, and it will work in your area

If you are SERIOUS about running your own house-painting business, or you just started one and need help with advertising, bidding and getting the right jobs, then you’re in the right place.

With our easy painting advertising, marketing and bidding systems you can run a successful painting business in your community while enjoying the benefits of being your own boss!

Call us any time at 435-881-5722; you will feel absolutely no pressure to buy this information from us.
How to get the best, highest-paying residential painting jobs

Have access to our dynamic painting business cards, painting postcards, painting door hangers, painting yard signs and website.

How your house painting website can become your best reference and lock down painting jobs 
How to get maintenance painting jobs such as Wendy's, McDonald’s, Burger King, Carl's Jr., gas stations, large complexes of all kinds, etc...

How to give complimentary paint bids without customers even calling you!!

Truck signs with important ad copy

Business cards that lock down painting jobs 

What to place on your estimate sheets that other painters do not

Why a website is not used to get painting jobs (you’re already going to be doing that); rather it’s to lock down painting jobs!

Here is just one of our successful advertising strategies we will show you when you order below.

Bid on interior and exterior residential painting jobs now by advertising front-door painting specials!
This opens a huge door to all the other paint jobs around the home. In today's economy this is a great way to start making a great living in the painting business. any economy!

You’re going to learn the advertising strategy for getting these residential painting jobs over and over again, and see how this one strategy launches all the other painting jobs for property owners.
You will have access to our door hanger and postcard as soon as you order. All you have to do is personalize them.

Exterior Painting Jobs 

We will show you how to paint almost any exterior in three days or fewer. We’re not going to just show you how to paint; we are going to show you how to protect a home with paint. 

We’ll show you why it’s best to offer a longer guarantee than most other painters offer, as well as how to estimate an exterior painting job.
You also will learn how to get paid for all warranty work.

We cover asking for paint deposits, getting paid upon completion, taking credit cards, opening a merchant’s account, and where you can get a merchant’s account with no up-front fees.


From bidding jobs to applying the final coat, and everything in between

One-hour phone consultation 

The best way to mask off an interior

Why you should never use drop cloths in a residence

How to save two days’ work on doors, ceilings and trim

How to get professional lines using Frog Tape

Why you should offer homeowners a free night stay and dinner at a five-star hotel

How to work with hotel and restaurant owners to get the best deals 

Why clean painting clothes are so important 

Why you need to accept credit cards

Bonus #2 Learn about paint maintenance and how to secure these painting jobs. Just personalize the post card we use to get these painting jobs. 

Bonus #6  See what you will place on your yard signs that gets neighbors to take notice, you will be asking yourself why did I not think of this before? 
Gain full website
access immediately
for Just $49.95

Are You Engaging In The Most Effective Marketing  Strategies 
To generate residential and light commercial painting jobs?  

Pro Painters Marketing,  how to advertise for painting jobs , How to advertise & bid for residential house painting jobs
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Copyright 2010: Service Associates  / free post card mailings / Door Hanger Advertising. All Rights Reserved.  
Copyright 2010: Service Associates  / free post card mailings  |Door Hanger Advertising. All Rights Reserved.  
 For the price of just two gallons of paint you can achieve a high level of success in just weeks. Success that can take other select painting companies 4 to 10 years to achieve without this type of marketing information.

Let us, with 50 years of combined marketing and painting experience show you how to get a continuous flow of interior and exterior residential and light commercial painting jobs. You have to have control over the amount and types of painting jobs you generate. You need to be painting only the painting jobs you like to do the most, the painting jobs that pay the most, the painting jobs that pay the quickest.
More Painting Jobs Bonuses 

I love helping fellow painters 
Call Rich at: 530-903-0121 for a free consultation 
Painting Guarantee
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